Choreographed and danced by: Iquan Silcott
(IG: @SilkySilcott) & Eliza Hart (IG: @elizamaehart)

Guest Dancer: Dalin Celamy (IG: @dalinc_)

Filmed by: David Devyne (IG: @daviddevyne)
Edited by: Iquan Silcott (IG: @silkyshoots)

Song: Money – Cardi B

😜💵| Me and my Sister Eliza Hart finally got back in the studio together gave birth to this combo. It’s so full out that I knew that my Boston bestie, Dalin Celamy, would kill it. So obviously had to fly him out to come shake a leg with us. Cardi B, had us feeling ourselves as we lived for this track, Money, so much we had to give you green outfits.

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